“Gli uomini sono saggi non tanto in proporzione alla loro esperienza, quanto alla loro capacità di fare esperienza“

George Bernard Shaw
Why choose ASAP Italia for Headhunting?

Having the right people in the right place is essential to the success of every company!
However, succeeding in finding them is quite the task and thus requires a well-structured selection and appraisal process.

ASAP Italia, thanks to our careful and personalised Headhunting process, which can be adjusted to your requirements, will find the right candidate for your company: leave the search for the best candidates in terms of technical skills, soft skills and motivation to us! All you’ll have to do is choose!

How is our Headhunting process structured?

Our method of evaluating of Headhunting that we use in ASAP Italia aims at accurately analysing technical skills, personality traits and the motivation of candidates: we used in-depth interviews based on the STAR method and Behavioural Interview techniques.

At the end of the process, you will receive a detailed report outlining the personal and professional characteristics of candidates, in support of identifying the candidate most suited to your requirements.

What can our Headhunting service offer you?

According to your specific requirements, we offer different solutions:

  • Classic recruitment and selection
  • Scouting
  • Administering of tests (motivational, psycho-attitudinal, personality)
  • Verification of language skills
  • Support when conducting interviews
  • Consulting during the hiring phase
  • Reference checking
  • Advice on market trends in the relevant sector

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An agile approach in the selection process

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