sfondo f1 training

F1 Leadership Training

“Nobody ever learns to fully understand something, except what he loves”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
ASAP uses high impact approach to tackle the main challenges of leaders such as complex problem solving, and decision making often under pressure and with little time available. It is an intense and very stimulating path, which promotes fast learning and motivates the participant to change their behavioral patterns to better respond to job challenges and achieve high performance as a manager. The path includes the development of both skills (knowledge) and the competences (know-how) of the person.

Leaders face a fast and efficient individual learning session, like F1 drivers who stop in the pits. These pit stops last four hours, during which they meet a personal trainer who transfers new knowledge and a personal coach who helps them to develop a personal improvement plan. After having refueled oneself with “knowledge", leaders return to the "pit lane" fully loaded and ready to put into practice what they have learned, with greater speed and efficiency. The constant support of their personal coach, like the mechanic who gives radio directions to the pilot, helps to control the situation, to avoid any obstacles and to guarantee that goals are achieved.


Short training sessions (training pit stops) provide the leader with the foundations and tools that are applicable in their work environment. In fact, we often do not act because we do not know WHAT to do. Through the understanding of mechanisms such as motivation, the need for recognition of collaborators and relational support, self-efficacy and empowerment , thus building an effective and trustworthy leadership.

Finally, the coaching helps and motivates the individual to use the tools learned in the training pit stops regularly: the leader learns not only WHAT to do, but also HOW to do it.