Crisis Management

Risk perception – Crisis management – ASAP Italia


Risk perception is a cognitive process involved in many of our daily activities and guides how we behave and the decisions that we make; for example, think about the low percentage of people who are using public transport in these last few days.

But if perceiving a risk is objective, how come we don’t all perceive the same risk with the same level of danger?

Trying to predict future scenarios – Crisis management – ASAP Italia


Watching old science-fiction films -like Back to the Future- it’s interesting to see how they imagined us. In everyday life, how often have we found ourselves having to try and predict future scenarios? And how good do we think we are at doing so?

Unfortunately, not very... Why is this?

Smart Mindset – Crisis management – ASAP Italia


Smart working, tele-working, agile working, home office... These are all terms which vary slightly in meaning but which also have a common denominator: work is carried out away from the traditional office working context. Today, this is the solution that many companies have adopted in order to manage the current emergency, how many of these will continue to favour it in the aftermath?

This depends to what extent they’ll be able to develop the right mindset: the Smart Mindset!

Naive realism – Crisis management – ASAP Italia


The world that we perceive is different to the one that exists. It is as if we look at it through lenses which distort shape and proportion; lenses which can change, distort, or even eliminate certain aspects.... and we don’t even notice!

Do you think that you are immune? This belief is already part of the trap!