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Assessment Centres - Headhunting - ASAP Italia


How many times do we find ourselves wrestling with uncertainty and thus getting stalled in making the decision of who will be the right candidate? Because of this, it has become more and more common to involve potential candidates in an assessment centre.

But what actually are they?

Emotional Intelligence - Solutions - ASAP Italia


In a context like ours today - one which is increasingly complex, uncertain and in a state of constant change - it is now fundamental to know how to consciously recognise, understand, use, and manage your own emotions and those of other people in order to achieve and maintain a high level of performance.

From company training to strategic consulting, discover all of our EI solutions!

Crisis Management - Solutions - ASAP Italia


In a context like the present, crises and complexities are now becoming more and more common. It is therefore essential to know how to predict, manage, and overcome them!

From business coaching to strategic consulting, let our CM Solutions support you!

Organisational climate - Covid-19 - Strategic Consulting - ASAP Italia


Phase 2 of managing the emergency of Covid-19 is now approaching... but are we ready to manage the new fears that people might have about returning to the office? Are we ready to manage further lockdowns? Knowing what hasn’t worked in phase 1 and what the fears are for phase 2 are key to being successful!

How can we do this? Discover our Covid-19 Survey!