How can we perform well in an environment which is becoming increasingly complex and uncertain, and is in a state of constant change?

Measure the Emotional Intelligence of your company, discover our EIFO® Tests and our other EI Solutions!

Together with theUniversity of Milan-Bicocca, we have developed EIFO® (Emotional Intelligence in Fluid Organisations), an instrument which can measure Emotional Intelligence in Industry 4.0.

Emotional Intelligence is the secret weapon to creating value, growing, and excelling!

In a context like ours today -one which is increasingly complex, uncertain and constantly changes- it is now fundamental to know how to consciously recognise, understand, use, and manage your own emotions and those of other people!

It means being able to find the optimum emotional conditions in which you can achieve, and even surpass, your objectives. It means having the right mindset, one that allows you to excel even when faced with the constant challenges that the market demands.

In the present context, having a good level of personal and social Emotional Intelligence can and does make the difference!


How was EIFO® born?

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Every individual and every company has the potential to excel. This is why we in ASAP Italia strive every day to work to create opportunities, both internally and for our clients, for this potential to be expressed in order to create value and to grow.

In an environment like the present, creating the ideal conditions for this to happen means providing high-performing instruments which are at the forefront of the market. In order to do so, constantly studying and being open to innovation are essential. Here in ASAP we have been investing for years in Research & Development, partnering with the academic world and thus EIFO ® is the result of this collaboration.

EIFO was born as a way of responding to the need of HR Directors, C-level Managers and Employers to have an instrument that could finally measure Emotional Intelligence within their companies, especially considering the new dynamics of the market. Only with this overview of a company’s Emotional Quotient is it possible to construct ad hoc development and growth plans.

Whilst it is true that in a certain sense there are instruments capable of measure EI, in using them however, we realised that there needed to be a greater focus on the work context; specifically, on the current working environment which is defined by being hybrid, fluid, complex, uncertain and in a state of constant change.


How is EIFO® structured?

After defining our research objectives and studying all existing literature on the topic of Emotional Intelligence, we started working on developing EIFO®.

EIFO® comprises 3 sections:

To measure Emotional Intelligence - EIFO - ASAP Italia_Structure

1. Perceiving emotions in images

Through looking at a series of realistic and abstract images, you are asked to what extent these images express the emotions of: joy, fear, surprise, disgust, anger and sadness.

2. Emotional competence

You are asked how strongly you agree or disagree with a series of statements. These statements are linked to personal skills -emotional awareness, reliability, conscientiousness, adaptability and resilience, commitment, initiative, optimism, and creativity- social skills -awareness of others, assistance, promoting others’ development, diversity management, political awareness, influence and assertiveness, communication, leadership, facilitating change, conflict management, building ties, collaboration- and organisational skills: organisational awareness, strategic vision, and complexity management.

3. Exercising leadership

Through a series of hypothetical situations linked to current trends, you are asked to choose which option best represents how you would handle that particular situation.


Following the creation of EIFO®, we have developed two further variations of the questionnaire: EIFO 360® and EIFO Leader®.


How does filling in EIFO® and getting your EIFO® report work?

EIFO® is an online questionnaire accessible through the ASAP Italia website with designated login credentials, and will take around 30 minutes to complete.

After having completed the questionnaire, you will receive a report which gives you an instant overview of your level of Emotional Intelligence, as well as containing a comparison with the ‘market’ and personalised guidelines that you can make use of in order to further develop your Emotional Quotient.


What are the fields of application of our EIFO® tests?

This set of instruments lends itself to several areas of the HR world, with different purposes:

To measure Emotional Intelligence - EIFO - ASAP Italia_Fields_of_application


What are our other Emotional Intelligence Solutions?

EIFO® provides you with an initial overview of your level of Emotional Intelligence which you can use to train and improve your Emotional Quotient. The Emotional Intelligence Solutions developed by ASAP Italia range from Company Training to Coaching:

 Performance through Emotional Intelligence Employee Level Company Training ASAP Italia
 Emotional Intelligence for Business Management Level Company Training ASAP Italia
 Executive Leadership with emotions Top Management Level Company Training ASAP Italia
 Emotional Agility Coaching Business Coaching ASAP Italia


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