In a context like the present, crises and complexities are now becoming more and more common. It is therefore essential to know how to predict, manage, and overcome them!

From business coaching to strategic consulting, let our CM Solutions support you!

The arrival of increasingly innovative technology, financial shocks, unpredictable crises and an increasingly volatile market means that companies are having to tackle moments of extreme stress more and more often.

The management and senior management are thus called upon to able to anticipate, manage, guide, and overcome these emergencies, whilst limiting the negative impact that they have on the company.

This is precisely why we have developed new solutions for business coaching and strategic consulting; in the case of the former, this is an ad hoc solution which will allow you to develop and maintain the right mindset, whilst in the case of the latter, we have developed a series of ad hoc tools which will enable you to have a concrete and complete toolbox for handling crises.


CM Solutions for Business Coaching


Our business coaching solutions for crisis management – Crisis Management Coaching and Complexity Management Coaching – were born with the aim of supporting Managers and Senior Managers in crisis and complexity management. The matter of developing the right mindset and abandoning emotional-behavioural patterns which are no longer functional in the new context is only possible through becoming aware of the very same. Often however, a series of defence mechanisms and old habits slows down this process of becoming aware and thus this is why it is essential to be supported by a professional. Thanks to our strong psychological background as coaches and in our methodology – the 3C Method – you will be able to reach your goals in a more focused, immersive and lasting way.

 EIFO Assessment Review Consulenza Strategica ASAP Italia
 EIFO Assessment Review Consulenza Strategica ASAP Italia


CM Solutions for Strategic Consulting


Sometimes, however, having the right mindset isn’t enough. The development of tools for strategic crisis management requires time, focus and resources... all aspects that tend to disappear quickly when we find ourselves having to tackle crises and complexities. Our strategic consulting solutions – Organisational Resilience Development and Crisis & Business Continuity Management Strategy – were born with the aim of supporting companies by using concrete management tools, ranging from the streamlining of processes, to the formulation and implementation of Business Continuity Plans.

 Performance attraverso lintelligenza emotiva Linea Employee Formazione aziendale ASAP Italia
 Emotional Intelligence for Business Linea Management Formazione aziendale ASAP Italia


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