« We did a great job: the sessions were organized on time, with method and structure, and the Coach was very professional, open and attentive to listening to the other. It was a five-star experience... useful, performing and very positive! I would definitely recommend you to others and keep you in mind for the future. »

Luca Merlo
HR VP Operations and Head Ops - Transit
Wabtec Corporation

5 stelle

« My overall rating of the service and the coach is very good. I found a lot of availability and flexibility, a very positive approach and a person capable of listening and even going beyond words. I would recommend you to others because you are very professional and prepared.  »

Senior Field Application Specialist

4,5 stelle

« My overall rating of the Coaching service is very positive. It was my first experience. I was amazed by the development and the opportunities it showed me, both at work and on myself. Despite my distrust of these issues, I must say that Asap Italia was a discovery! »

Enrico Fiori
General Manager
Rettenmaier Italia

5 stelle

« My overall rating is good. The overall evaluation of the Coach is excellent, a very competent person, extremely delicate and reserved. I would also suggest ASAP Italia to others because you try to understand the personal situation, through a customized project/path. »

5 stelle