ASAP Italia is a very progressive company in establishing local and international partnerships to develop new projects. With this in mind, we have various active collaborations and partnerships with different universities, companies and organisations.

Collaborating with university bodies allows us to carry out research projects useful to refine and widen our knowledge of different aspects linked to the services that we provide. Our approach to collaborating with international companies gives us a decidedly more open vision towards novelty, inclusion and growing our capabilities.


Milan Polytechnic: we give lectures in the HR field in two Master courses offered by the Milan Polytechnic (Master in Colour Design & Technology and Master Lighting Design & LED Technology).

University Milano-Bicocca: we host students from the Faculty of Psychology and, together with Professor Ferrari, we have developed numerous theses for which our Managing Director is also an External Supervisor. This fruitful partnership between the academic and business worlds has allowed us to establish cutting-edge services for out clients: Climeter, an innovative test to analyse the climate within a company; EIFO, an innovative test to measure the Emotional Intelligence of your employees.

University of Tampere (Finland): we are carrying out an international research project, together with Dr. Federica Previtali (Researcher of social and organisational psychology), which aims to study social interactions in the workplace and to define the best practices for diversity and inclusion.


Over the years, we have developed major collaborations with companies such as Deutsche Äuslandische Handelskammer (AHK), the reference point for the Italo-German business community. As we also offer all of our services in German, we are qualified spokespeople for this thriving and active community.

We are also members of major industry organisations to whose events participate our young professionals who have the opportunity to meet and discuss with other HR professionals and to exchange ideas, knowledge and information.

We are a company which applies inclusion policies. We are a mix of different generations, nationalities, ethnic groups, genders, culture and social backgrounds who work closely and in harmony. We create opportunities through smartworking and other forms of flexible working. We particularly support young women and thus some of our professionals belong to organisations dedicated to empowering young women.